Dance USA Safety Protocols

Alameda Ballet will be following the guidelines put into place by both Alameda County and Dance USA. If you are planning on attending in-person Studio classes please read our list of guidelines as well as the two document links from Dance USA below. Additional information from Dance USA can be found here.



  • Staff will follow illness policy, which will include daily temperature checks, safety health questions and 24 hour wellness standards prior to entering the facility.
  • Staff will wash/sanitize hands before, during and at the conclusion of each class.
  • Staff will have NO direct physical contact with the dancers.
  • Staff will be diligently trained on new procedures and be prepared to enforce all social distancing protocols.
  • Staff members will be required to wear a mask and wear clean athletic attire.
  • ABA will adhere to the Alameda County Public Health Department’s guidelines regarding employee travel, potential risky behavior and personal safety.


  • Classes will be limited to 12 dancers max per class for in-person Studio Classes
  • Dancers must wear a mask at all times.
  • Dancers will be spaced 10 feet apart at all times. We have tapes off dance squares in the studios in order to help the dancers keep their distance.
  • Dancers must keep a distance of 6+ feet while in the lobby.
  • Only 1 dancer at a time will be allowed in the restroom.
  • Dancers will have their temperature checked before every class. Any person who appears ill or has a temperature above 100 degrees will be asked to go home until symptoms subside for 48 hours without medication.
  • No parents or siblings will be permitted in the studio or lobby.
  • Dancers are to arrive in clean dance attire, changing at the facility will be discouraged.
  • All items including dance bags, shoes and cover up clothing must be left in the lobby and will not be permitted in the studios.
  • Dancers will be required to sanitize/wash hands upon entering the facility and before leaving.
  • Dancers must bring their own reusable water bottles (to be kept in the lobby). Any items left behind will be discarded so please keep track of your belongings by keeping them all in one place in the lobby.


  • All door handles, light switches and shared surfaces will be disinfected before and after every class.
  • Barres will be wiped down by the dancers or staff before every class.
  • Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout class.
  • Windows will remain open before, during and after classes in order to keep fresh air flowing throughout the building.
  • ABA will NOT be renting studio space to outside organizations or non-ABA teachers in order to protect the facility and ensure safety protocols are being followed.