At Alameda Ballet Academy, our dedicated team is committed to offering high-quality classical dance education to our community. We focus on nurturing students’ artistry, self-expression, and love for dance while emphasizing discipline, teamwork, and respect. We believe in cultivating a commitment to excellence from a young age, maintaining an atmosphere that is both inspiring and playful.

Dance, an art form meant for the stage, demands practice and devotion. Students are encouraged to audition for Alameda Civic Ballet’s Nutcracker and ABA’s Spring Recital, nurturing a passion for performance. We aim to instill vital skills and a love for the arts in our students, cultivating future audiences. They’re the seeds of a thriving arts community, ensuring a vibrant tomorrow.


Students who wish to participate in a performance must, along with a parent or guardian, read and sign a Performance Agreement. The Performance Agreement includes a commitment to attend all relevant classes, rehearsals and performances. In signing a Performance Agreement, both students and parents are agreeing to take their commitment to ABA seriously and to make classes, rehearsals, and performances a top priority in their lives.

Recital Fees

All Alameda Ballet Academy students are invited to perform in ABA’s Spring Recital. Students who agree to perform will be requested to pay a recital fee, amount to be determined.

Parental Assistance

“Many hands make light work” and successful performances can only take place with the assistance of many volunteers

Volunteer sign-up sheets for the ABA Spring Recital are now posted in the studio lobby! We ask that every family donate time to help put on this production by signing up for a task. Our volunteers are essential to the success of our performances and keeping the performing arts alive for all of our children. We all know that many hands make light work, and successful performances can only take place with the assistance of many volunteers!

Additional Performance Opportunities

Students of Alameda Ballet Academy have the opportunity to audition for Alameda Civic Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

For more information on ACB’s The Nutcracker, go to the Alameda Civic Ballet’s website.


When tickets are available for purchase, they will be available here.


If your child is performing in ACB’s The Nutcracker, we would love your assistance in making this the best experience for all our dancers. To see where you could help please click here.

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