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Alameda Ballet Parents Press Best of East Bay awardThe instructors and staff of the Alameda Ballet Academy are dedicated to bringing quality classical dance education to the greater Alameda community. They seek to impart students with artistry, self expression, grace and musicality, while encouraging a love for the art of dance. In order to create a healthy and productive learning environment, we gently teach by using the principles of focus, discipline, physical fitness, critical thinking, teamwork and, most importantly, respect. It is our belief that the seeds of commitment to excellence can and should be planted at a very young age, while maintaining an inspired, playful, creative atmosphere. more...

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Click on one of the registration buttons (on the left) and either login or create a new login. Clicking on the tuition tab will bring you to three links: Products - Tuition - Shopping Cart. Here you will be able to purchase dance wear and pay tuition. Please email ABA if you have any questions.

Ballet News

Early Bird Discount Ends Friday

This is just a reminder that our early-bird discount for monthly tuition payers ends at the end of the day this Friday, 7/31/15. Registration for most classes closes at the end of September because the classes are full, and many classes are beginning to fill up now. If you have not yet registered your dancer(s) for the 2015-2016 year, registration is now open online and on paper forms in the studio.

If paying monthly, you will need to log in on the first of each month to pay tuition by clicking the tuition tab (no need to re-enroll). If you would like to set up automatic monthly payments please save your credit card information in your online login, and email me. I will need to set up the auto-pay on my end (if you don't remember your log in, please search it by your email address).

When signing up with ABA you agree to enroll from September 2015 through May 2016, with 30 days notice required before dropping classes. If you pay for the entire year from Sept-May, we offer a 10% yearly discount, and a 5% discount if paying for a full semester. For monthly tuition payers, there is an early-bird discount of 20% off of the September tuition if you enroll your child by 7/31/15. We do not offer multiple discounts.

To take advantage of the early bird special, please enroll and pay online for September at the usual rate. Once we receive notification of your payment, we will credit the 20% back to your credit card.

Alameda Ballet Academy Julie LoweABA’s Expands its Adult Ballet Program

Adults love Julie Lowe’s ballet classes! A new class series begins every 8 weeks with three levels of classes to choose from: Introduction, Beginning and Intermediate. If you’ve always dreamed of learning ballet, or if you’re an experienced dancer who wants to get back to class, we have have more choices for you. Download a class flyer here, register here (make sure to click on the Adult Classes tab at the top), or read a description of the classes here.

Dance with Me Ballet Video

Check out this video from our Dance with Me class performing an ancient English-Scotish dance!

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Alameda Ballet Students Featured in Pointe Magazine Online!

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See what ABA graduates have been up to!

Many of our ABA graduates have gone on to do fabulous things in college and beyond, while managing to keep dance in their lives! Stay connected on our alumni page. We love to hear back from our graduates!

Choreography by Abra Rudisill

"My daughter couldn't be happier at ABA. Even when she is struggling to learn something new, I see a determination to conquer it. Every level will have its challenges and that determination will serve her well in all aspects of her life."

Barbara Mooney